OrderPaperToday – The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has demanded that the executive branch of government upholds the constitution and its tenets in respect of separation of powers.

His remark is coming on the backdrop of the move by the federal government to try the Chief Justice of Nigerian (CJN), Walter Onnoghen over alleged infraction on the Code of Conduct laws relating to declaration of assets.

Saraki in his welcome speech to his colleagues at the Senate on Wednesday, urged political leaders not to threaten the peace and well-being of the country by eroding the duties of the judiciary.

He said: “Leaders should help reduce the tension in the polity by contributing to an atmosphere of moderate and measured political conversations. Expectations of the Executive are also palpable, particularly with regard to the need to uphold the Constitution and its tenets, especially as they guarantee the minimum basic requirement of Separation of Powers; the unity of the country and the welfare of the citizens.

“In that respect, it bears reminding that the exercise of power must be anchored in the best democratic principles. The former US President Obama’s Doctrine of Restraint as a key feature in the use of power, is commended to us in this polity at this crucial time. Some of the reports and occurrences in recent times speak to this need for restraint. Those who exercise power should do their best to avoid any action that stands the risk of being misconstrued as coloured by partisan considerations.”

He added: “On that note, I wish to lay emphasis on the role of the Judiciary in promoting justice and bringing respect to the country. If the Judiciary is violated or eroded or otherwise brought to ill repute, so do the values attached to its role in a democracy.

“Everyone in the political value chain should therefore do nothing that could raise tensions in the country. Nigerians are looking up to leaders who will douse flames that have the potential to threaten the peace and well-being of our country.”

Read the full welcome remark here.


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