OrderPaperToday – Senator Samuel Anyanwu (PDP, Imo) has stated that although he is not an advocate of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen, he does not support his suspension without recourse to due process.

Speaking a telephone conversation with OrderPaperNG on Monday, Senator Anyanwu believes that President Muhammadu Buhari “usurped the powers of the Senate” according to section 292 of the 1999 constitution, requiring two third majority of the chamber for such action against the CJN.

He said: “The president has usurped the powers of the national assembly and of course, it is not right. I am not an advocate of the Chief Justice of Nigeria and his found wanting based on the allegation of not declaring his asset.

“I think it is a wrong thing but then one thing comes first, and besides the code of conduct tribunal has no powers to issue to issue an ex parte motion to the President to suspend the Chief Justice of Nigeria.”

The Imo Senator also faulted the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Danladi Umar on the resolution to go after the CJN, recalling when he (Umar) “was victim on the investigation for corruption which everybody stood by him and he was never suspended.

“Even when the case of Saraki was going on, his lawyers asked him to step aside because he was also facing corruption charges. So I don’t see the rationale behind asking the Chief Justice of Nigeria to be suspended.”

He asked that President Buhari reverses the suspension “especially when the international community have viewed it in a very wrong perspective.”

On purported moves by the executive to clamp down on the powers of the national assembly, Senator Anyanwu indicated that the federal parliament cannot be “cowed” because “we are doing our responsibility and we are the mouthpiece of the people.”

Addressing the allegation that the executive wants to change the leadership of the federal chambers, the Senator said: “Nobody can do that. It is not possible. Where will they get the number to remove them? It is just a way of camouflaging themselves. If they can remove the senate president then it is easy to remove the President.”


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