PDP Convention: Benue Rep opposes micro zoning

OrderPaperToday – A lawmaker in the Nigeria House of Representatives, Mr. Samson Okwu of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Benue State has disagreed with the position of the party’s Northern Elders Forum which canvassed for micro zoning in the forthcoming national convention.
Mr. Okwu said the position taken by the elders is anti democratic and capable of causing disharmony in the party.
In a telephone chat with OrderPaperNg, the lawmaker warned that any attempt to go against the Senator Ike Ekweremadu-led committee report which suggested that the national chairmanship position should go to the South while that of presidency goes to the North would spell doom for the party.
According to him, “I don’t believe or support micro zoning, I don’t think we should micro zone any position. We should allow every candidate to contest and show their popularity.
I am totally against those northern elders who said we should micro zone because it is against the principle of democracy”.
Continuing, he said,  “the report by Senator Ekweremadu was adopted and accepted by National Executive Council at Port Harcourt convention that National Chairman should be zoned to the South while Presidency should be zoned to the North, so that was what we agreed. We didn’t say from a particular zone in the south or north”.
Talking about his choice of candidate for the chairmanship of the party and expectations he said, “my expectations are that the best and credible should emerge. The process is going to be accepted by everybody because it is going to be transparent and open.”
“For my choice of  chairman, I would not tell you but I am going to vote”, he said.
He also dismissed insinuations that governors have hijacked the convention that they can only lobby but they are not in absolute control as widely reported.
“The governors control just 11 states so how can they make decision for us all, they can only influence and lobby people because the ballot is going to be open so how can they hijack the delegates” Mr. Okwu queried?
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