OrderPaperToday – The Nigeria Police has sought the introduction of a section in its reform bill to have Nigerians notify the Inspector General before suing the force.

The section is to be titled ‘notice of intention to sue the Nigerian police force’.

The provision allows that one lodges complaint of Police violation to the IGP instead of taking the matter to the court.

This is believed would promote and serve as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

The legal Adviser to the IGP, AIG Igbodo David revealed this when highlighting the force’s appraisal on the reform bill.

He said: “We have observed over a period of time that people want to sue the IG without protecting the IG or the Nigerian police. I will discuss with the secretariat of this committee to include notice of intention to sue the Nigerian police force.

“If you want to sue the police you write to the Inspector General of Police to tell him, this is why I want to sue you. When the notice gets to IG, he would know how to resolve the issue. This would promote alternative dispute resolution.”

The police also expressed dissatisfaction with section 4 (j) which seeks “to prevent and detect crimes without unreasonably threatening the liberty and privacy of the citizens.”

On the provision in section 6 which gives one deputy for different positions in the force as against current arrangement where there are multiple deputies, the police asked that the section be redrafted.

The positions include: Deputy Inspector General of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chief Superintendent of Police, Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Inspector of Police, Sergeant Major, Sergeant, Corporal, and Constable.

Section 8 (1) should be redrafted such that all appointments in the force of the Nigerian police force order than that of Inspector General of Police shall be by the Police Service Commission.

The original provision states that “the Deputy Inspector General and Assistant Inspectors General shall be appointed by the Police Service Commission”.


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