OrderPaperToday – Public Policy Expert, Ms. Nimah Arigbabu, has explained the importance of women in governance and called on lawmakers to encourage women to contest for legislative seats.

She stated this on Monday while speaking on the first series of the OPEN (Online Parliamentary Engagement Nigeria) virtual platform, designed by OrderPaper Nigeria to bridge the gap between citizens and members of the parliament.

According to her, “its high time we showed that women are important in policy making. Women in government actually make more presence.”

She also noted that lawmakers should encourage and push for women in their constituency to contest in elections. She said: “I would think that lawmakers within their constituency should push for women to go into office and get involved in the process of policy making. Lawmakers should advocate for women going into governance.”

Commenting on the means by which lawmakers can educate the members of their constituency, Ms Nimah noted that having consistent townhall meetings is important because that way Nigerians will want to participate more when they see their representatives present physically listening to their issues.

She stated: “I don’t think majority of Nigerians focus on social media. I get that they are publishing everything but most legislators use town halls. What can’t you use townhalls, pick a date for people to come and state their problems, once this is done once, twice, people will want to engage further knowing fully well that everything they say would be physically listened to. I would not want a legislator to focus mainly on social media.”

The OPEN webinar also featured Mr. Akin Alabi, a member of the House of Representatives. It is a series that helps to bridge the gap between people and parliament in Nigeria.


Reporting by Vivienne Dehinde-Joseph


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