“Political parties are not designed to be democratic” -Mojeed Alabi

OrderPaperToday- The member representing Ede South/Ede North, Egbedore, Ejigbo federal constituency in Osun state, Prof. Mojeed Alabi, took his colleagues back to the classroom on democracy and political parties earlier today.

While reacting to a motion calling for legislative intervention in the series of crises that plagued the primary elections across all political parties, the former lecturer argued that democracy is meant to be practised between parties, not within political parties.

Alabi, who is not seeking re-election next year, took a radical stand during the debate on the floor of the House, different from the other members.

“The idea of internal democracy failed Nigerians because it is an anomaly for party organisation. We threw away the delegate system, we adopted the direct primary, and again we are complaining. The truth is that political parties are not agents of internal democracy. Democracy is inter-party, not intra party.

He buttressed his point by referring to the “Iron law of oligarchy,” which, according to Wikipedia, “…is a political theory, first developed by the German sociologist Robert Michels in his 1911 book, Political Parties. It asserts that rule by an elite, or oligarchy, is inevitable as an “iron law” within any democratic organisation as part of the “tactical and technical necessities” of organisation.

According to Alabi, political parties operate according to the law of Oligarchy, where the people with resources will continue to control who gets what and how.

“As far back as 1911, Michel conducted research into advance democracies across Europe. And it was discovered that the people at the lower part of the society will be subject to the dictates of the people with the resources, so that is why I sad political parties are oligarchy organisation.

“We have had elections in 2003, 2007, 2011, and 2015, why is there so much noise now? It is because we have raised political parties to a position where they do not belong. We are over-regulating the political parties, let every parties be known for what it stands for, let them determine who will be their own candidates, instead of asking INEC to be monitoring all the primary elections all over the country. Parties are not for internal democracy,” he submitted.



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