OrderPaperToday – Christopher Ekpeyong, Senator representing Akwa Ibom north-west, has said politicians caused #EndSARS by the continued habit of using youths only when they need them and then dumping them afterwards.

He stated this while contributing to the debate requesting that the Federal Government to use 1% of the Value Added Tax to fix damaged assets across the country sequel to the hijacked #EndSARS protest.

For Ekpeyong, the protest was to show the place and importance of the youths because they feel abandoned.

He said: “When we debated #EndSARS in this hallow chamber, we never knew that the #EndSARS that was packaged by whosoever – was raising the eyes of the government of today.

“The youth have nothing to do; the youths have been utilised by most people in this hallowed chamber and by the executive during political events and at the end of the day they feel abandoned.

“The #EndSARS problem is not as Boko Haram, it is a desire of the youth that they felt abandoned and they want to show us that they are there and in existence so that we can begin to learn a lesson and make provision for them.

“In my local government, I was terrified, I was terrorized. I had to do what I thought I could do but I won’t tell you here. They wanted to burn down my home I built in 1993 before coming into politics.

“The federal government should not wait for the youth to bring down Nigeria. They should do something to ensure that the epileptic power is stabilised, our paper mills should be up and doing.”

In saying politicians caused #EndSARS protests, the senator is making a rare admission of guilt and culpability in the unpleasant state of affairs of the youths of Nigeria.

The #EndSARS protests and its aftermath have continued to generate various reactions from Nigerians.


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