OrderPaperToday – An All Progressive Congress (APC) lawmaker from Lagos state, Mr. Wale Raji, has dismissed media reports that the party is mobilizing funds from  governors to impeach the Senate President, Mr. Bukola Saraki.

Mr. Wale Raji representing Epe federal constituency in a chat with OrderPaperNG described the reports as laughable and a mockery of APC lawmakers.

According to him, “we don’t need money to impeach Saraki, what do we need the money for? It is unthinkable and laughable for people to speculate that lawmakers are induced with money by the governors to impeach Saraki. It is just a figment of their imagination”.

He however urged the Senate President to do the needful by giving up his position since it is only conventional for a Senate President or a Speaker to emerge from a party with the majority in the parliament.

” The call by my party for the Senate President, his Excellency Bukola Saraki to step down since he has decamped from our party to the opposition PDP is normal. It is still the convention all over the world that the party in the majority should produce the leadership”

Speaking on whether it is a constitutional requirement for the party in majority to produce the leadership, he said, ” even in the United Kingdom, after the general elections, the Queen would invite the party in the majority to name their leadership, so that is the convention and convention over time doesn’t require a written law, rather it becomes an unwritten law with time “.

He continued: “It is an insult to our great party and members of the national assembly that we would require to be bribed in order to take a normal action which is for the interest of the party and nation.

“I was at the meeting and I would want to put the records straight, that there no governor at that merging we had, it is illogical and we are not that cheap that we would be bribed to carry out a legitimate action”.

He further reaffirmed the party’s position on the Senate President stepping aside. “As you know it is the party position that he should resign and nothing more”, he said.


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