OrderPaperToday – The leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives, Mr. Kingsley Chinda, has disagreed with the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, and other colleagues who canvassed retaliatory measures against Ghana over the invasion and demolition of Nigeria’s High Commission premises in Accra.
Mr. Chinda said diplomacy should be explored since, according to him, Nigerian government lacks the balls to carry through with the speaker’s proposal for a retaliatory action against Ghana, adding that he would not play to the gallery in calling for tit-for-tat against the West African nation.
In a statement sent to OrderPaperNG on Thursday, Mr. Chinda (PDP, Rivers) said a call for retaliation was like pouring water on the back of a duck which makes no difference because the government of President Muhammadu Buhari lacks the spine to even tackle local militia talkless of a foreign aggression.
According to the ranking member, “attacks on Nigeria across the globe will continue under the present government as it is of international knowledge that we have a very weak leadership,” adding that “attack on our embassy is on at Jakarta, Indonesia. Nigerians have turned orphans.”
While noting that the action in Ghana under international law “amounts to a levy of war against the Nigerian nation as the Country’s embassy in Ghana is part of Nigerian territory” Mr. Chinda lamented that since “we cannot protect our local territory against local militia, I don’t see the sense in waging an international war. You need a new President and C-in-C to do so.”
The statement read in part: “I read the Rt. Hon. Speaker’s call for retaliatory step by Nigeria against Ghana. Though, a very serious matter but I laughed because am aware that the Rt. Hon. speaker knows that the present govt lacks the spine to take such action even against local militia, talkless of any nation.
“Congo did same to Nigeria and nothing happened: South Africa killed several innocent Nigerians, it took so much pressure and threat by Nigerians to get the government to take a diplomatic trip in response: Niger is providing security for Nigerians in Nigeria.
With the docile govt (government) in Nigeria, am sure you won’t expect that I should join some of my colleagues to play to the gallery by making a wasteful call on this same weak and docile govt to embark on a retaliatory move. Am sure the President is not even aware of the event.”
Chinda, who distanced himself from the earlier suggestion of retaliation, rather stated that “I would rather urge the Minister of External Affairs to take a diplomatic step to extract an apology and restitution from Ghana.”
Recall call that earlier in the week, Committee on Foreign Affairs proposed retaliatory measures against Ghana for demolishing Nigeria’s High Commission in Accra.
The recommendation was made by Speaker of the House Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila during a meeting held between the Committee on Foreign Affairs with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Godfrey Onyema on Tuesday in Abuja.


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