OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives has called for the withdrawal of soldiers from the streets.
The decision is part of the recommendations of the committee on Army on crisis in Ogoni Land adopted by the House Committee of the Whole.
The committee chaired by Shawulu Kwewum investigated crisis in Ogoni land that led to the death of two persons in 2018.
While speaking on the report, Kwewum explained that the crisis was caused when some people invited the army to intervene in a situation already involving police.
“There is the urgent need to start withdrawing soldiers from the streets across the country and replace them with internal security operators,” the committee recommended and was adopted by the House.
The committee also recommended that “in any urgent issue that requires military deployment, other security agencies should be carried along or notified appropriately.”
The committee further noted that ‘the summary execution of two Ibo men, namely, Linus Nwafor and Kelechi Nwafor, who were not part of the Ogoni factions and were executed far away from the scene of the conflict” and asked that the deaths “should be further investigated and the officers and men responsible should be prosecuted.
“Adequate compensation be paid by the Federal Government to the families of the deceased and to those who lost their properties after a proper assessment of the losses and deaths;
“The Federal Government should encourage the Rivers State Government to embark on reconciliation and peace building measures in Ogoniland.”


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