OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to rescind a “rumored executive ban” on licensed weapon.
The decision followed a motion of urgent public importance moved by Nnenna Elendu (PDP, Abia) during Thursday’s plenary.
In her lead debate, Elendu stated that while the president derives the power to issue executive order from section 33(2) of the Constitution, she argued that the order violates Section 44(1) of the constitution.
She said, ‘Section 33(2) states that “A  person  shall  not be  regarded  as having  been  deprived  of  his  life  in contravention  of  this  section,  if  he  dies as  a  result of  the  use,  to  such  extent and  in such  circumstances  as are  permitted  by  law,  of  such  force  as is  reasonably  necessary  –   (a)  for  the  defence  of  any  person  from  unlawful violence  or  for  the  defence  of  property”
‘Section 44(1) also state that “no  movable  property  or  any  interest in  an  immovable  property  shall  be  taken  possession  of compulsorily  and  no  right over  or  interest in  any  such  property  shall  be  acquired  compulsorily  in  any part of  Nigeria  except in  the  manner  and  for  the  purposes prescribed  by  a  law  that,  among  other  things  –   (a)  requires the  prompt payment of  compensation…..
“Having relied on this two sections of the constitution, I could put forward a strong constitutional argument to challenge the wisdom of that executive Order.”
She noted that the main challenge in the fight against arm proliferation are porous border, calling for control of the porous borders to prevent proliferation.
Edward Pwajok (PDP, Plateau) said that 99.9% of legal owners of guns do not use it for killings or kidnapping.
Also kicking against the purported gun mopping, Abubakar Chika (APC, Niger) stated gun ownership by private citizens  discourage armed robbery attack.
“Smaller thieves are afraid of going to some houses, thinking they have  licensed guns. We should rather have re-certification. I don’t have a gun, and there are people with guns around me. It helps in securing the environment. If the president want us to be killed…..”
Speaking against the motion, Mojeed Alabi (APC, Osun) explained that the order will ensure that the process for acquiring gun permit is transparent, as he disclosed attempt to extort him for permit.
“The police controls the use of guns, the question we must ask is, what is the requirement of issuing gun licence, I have been victim of robbery, I have applied for gun, and refused, I was asked to offer bribe, why would some get, some would not.
“I will support the breakdown of the process for application. In other climes, I would love to have decentralise. Why would some people have some, some would not, let us have regulations brought before the house.”
The motion was also supported by Simeon Arabo (PDP, Kaduna) described the ban as over reaching.


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