OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives has considered and adopted its report on a bill for an act to prohibit plastic polyethylene bags nationwide.

The bill also prohibits the manufacturing of plastic bags and its importation for both commercial and household uses.

If assented to by the President, offenders risk monetary fines and jail terms.

These decisions was taken by the lawmakers at Tuesday’s plenary at the ‘Committee of the Whole’ presided by Deputy Speaker, Yusuf Lassun.

The lawmakers said they acted in order to address the harmful impact of plastic/polythene bags  on human beings, adding that plastic bags are of grave dangers to aquatic and wildlife.

They argued further that such impacts could be devastating on the Oceans, Rivers ,Lakes, Forests and the general environment.

The House revealed also that used plastic bags  affected the soil and it could be poisonous on humans who mistakenly feed on  animals whether on the sea or land that may have  eaten or swallowed the substance, unfortunately.


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