OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives has passed the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) 2018 budget of N103.5 billion.
The House passed the budget on Thursday after considering the report of the Committee on Customs and Excise.
Speaking on the report, the Chairman of the Committee, James Faleke (APC, Lagos) noted that the NCS has continued to outperform targets over the past three years, adding that the targeted revenue given to the agency in 2017 was about N700billion but the Service ended up generating N800billion.
Responding to revenue performance, Betty Apiafi (APC, Rivers) noted that there is a need to increase revenue target of NCS against the backdrop that more money is expected from alcohol and tobacco levy.
Her point was further buttressed by Rotimi Agunsoye (APC, Lagos) who said the target should be raised to N1trillion.
However Mr. Faleke appealed to be members not to increase the revenue target, as the template for projection is not calculated as such.
Of the N103 billion, N49.3 billion is budgeted for personnel cost during the 2018 fiscal year while N14.2 billion is for overhead cost, and N40 billion capital projects.
A further breakdown of the budget shows that N39.3 billion goes to salaries and allowances while land and building takes the highest share from the capital costs at N25billion.
Travel and transport costs got an allocation of N2.6billion, insurance got the sum of N4.3billion while maintenance services got N3billion.


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