OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives has passed a motion seeking to investigate the disbursement of special funds received by government agencies for intervention projects from the year 2015 to 2020.

The motion was moved by Mr. Henry Nwawuba (PDP, Imo) under matters of urgent national importance on Tuesday.

Presenting the motion, Nwawuba noted that the federal government has been borrowing quite substantially to fund projects and other range of intervention projects.

According to him, “some of the funds established by the federal government between 2015 and 2020 and the amounts released include the following:

“Special intervention MDAs (Ministries Departments and Agencies) =N7,689,002,462; Contingency – N22,469,358,143; and MDG Special Projects – N7,229,622,307. Others are Special Intervention (2020) – N39,933,338,086; Intervention/Constituency Projects -N3,002,315,957 and Capital Contingency – N15,868,060,896.

“Other interventions include National Water Rehabilitation project, National Agriculture Technology program, and Salary Bailout to States, Payment for Fertilizer, State Water Supply Project, State Agriculture project, and FADAMA project.”

Although he expressed concern that despite the huge amount of loans collected to boost the economy of Nigeria, it still slipped into recession a second time in less than five years.

The lawmaker also frowned at the fact that most agencies were unable to give account of funds collected therefore making it difficult to give proper accounts on how the monies collected were spent.

Nwawuba also called out government agencies for engaging in alleged fraudulent practices.

“It is worrisome how government agencies allegedly engage in fraudulent practices to sabotage the efforts of the federal government and if left unchecked may lead to total collapse of the country’s economy”, he warned.


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