OrderPaperToday– The House of Representatives has rescinded and reconsidered the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) bill as well as 11 others over what the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, referred to as “embarrassing mistakes.”

The House called for the rescission of the bills in a motion moved by the Chairman of the Committee on Rules and Business, Orker Jev (APC, Benue), as he informed the House that the Clerk of the National Assembly had to withdraw the bills passed by the National Assembly for wanton mistakes.

The bills include: The Federal Competition and Consumers Protection Bill, The Franchise Bill, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (Establishment) Bill, Postgraduate College of Medical Laboratory Science (Establishment) Bill, Nigerian Academy of Science (Establishment) Bills, and the Corporate Manslaughter Bill.

Also, the National Assembly Budget and Research Office (Establishment) Bill, National Child Protection and Enforcement Agency (Establishment) Bill, Federal Capital Territory Civil Service Commission (Establishment) Bill, and the Animal Health and Husbandry Technologists Registration Board (Establishment) Bill.

While moving the motion, Jev noted “the Clerk to the National Assembly withdrew the above bills from the President, convinced of the need to reconsider the bills with all the necessary amendments.”

The Speaker, Yakubu Dogara said that the clerk observed “inadequacies, embarrassing mistakes and inconsistencies with the constitution,” adding that “a group of lawyers had to scrutinize and arrive at these recommendations.”

All the bills were subsequently reconsidered by the Committee of the Whole and unanimously adopted.


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