OrderPaperToday – The Senate on Wednesday passed a bill to reform the Nigeria Police force towards more efficiency and away from brutality in line with modernity.

This passage of the bill is predated by huge public outcry on incessant brutalization from police officers across the country.

The law setting up the police was enacted in 1943 and has never been reviewed.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Tijjani Kaura (APC, Zamfara) presented the report on the bill which underwent a clause by clause consideration in the committee of the whole.

Below are the provisions passed: Clause 4 (c) says the president shall appoint the inspector-general of police from the recommended applicants subject to the confirmation of senate.

Clause 6 (a) says the president shall remove the inspector-general from office for his inability to effectively perform the functions of his office. (b) for gross misconduct. (c) where the president is satisfied that is in no longer in the interest of the police force or public for inspector-general to continue in office.

Clause 23 provides for the establishment of a police fund.

Clause 96 provides that anyone who assaults a police officer, obstructs or resists a police officer is liable to a fine of N100,000 or six months imprisonment.

Clause 98 prohibits the taking of liquor or intoxicating substance while on duty. Punishment prescribed for such offence is a fine of N20,000 or three months imprisonment.

Clause 99 prohibits the impersonation of police officers. Punishment prescribed for such offence under this clause is a fine of N300,000 or three years imprisonment or both.

Clause 100 prohibits the entry of the police force with forged certificate. Punishment prescribed for the offence is a fine of N500,000 or three months imprisonment.

Clause 103 provides for the establishment of community police forum.

The bill will now be sent for concurrence to the House of Representatives after its passage at the red chamber.


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