OrderPaperToday – As fuel scarcity lingers across parts of the country, the Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream has announced plans to commence a nationwide inspection of filling stations.

Chairman of the Committee, Kabiru Marafa, (APC, Zamfara) made this known in a news breifing after an investigative hearing.

According to Marafa, the move is necessary to cater for the welfare of Nigerians in respect of the imminent yuletide season.

He noted that despite the commencement of the budget defence, members of the committee would take time out to embark on the oversight.

According to him, members of the committee will be regrouped into subcommittees and to visit all the states of the country.

He said: “First things first; the welfare of Nigerians especially in this season is that a lot of them will be travelling to reunite with their love ones is paramount. We will take time out to embark on a serious oversight. We will break into sub-committees to be able to cover the entire country.

“We have already mandated the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to furnish us with the daily distribution. This is to enable the sub-committees to be armed with detailed evidence of which filling station was given what quantity of fuel.

“We will also get these details from the filling stations to ascertain when last they got supplies and the quantity sold. We will not stop at that. We will also inspect tanks in filling stations to ensure that Nigerians are not taken advantage of.”


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