OrderPaperToday – The Senate has commenced its annual recess upon adjournment of plenary on Tuesday.

The senators are billed to resume on the 24th of September.

Upon adjournment, the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, appreciated his colleagues for staying back to complete the screening of ministerial nominees.

He said: “Senate has demonstrated clearly that we are set to work for Nigerians, there is no doubt that that extension of time that ordinarily would have been part of our recess to stay back to do this job for our country.

“We have finished this very important national assignment and to the glory of God Nigeria has senate and indeed a national assembly that is prepared to take Nigeria to the next level.”

To the nominees, he tasked them to be “prepared to work with the Senate.”

He added: “We are going engage them in our oversight and other legislative activities. What we want to achieve is to have a relationship that is based on mutual respect and truth.

“While we are not going to be frivolous, we are going to be firm, we are going to be serious with our oversight. Oversight is the only we can ensure that the legislation we make particularly the budget that we pass is implemented particularly.”

Lawan also commended President Muhammadu Buhari for “nominating Nigerians of great quality.”

The president of the red chamber informed that upon resumption from its recess, the chamber will focus on the budget.

“It is our desire and hope that the appropriation bill 2020 be presented to this national assembly by end of September or late the first week of October.

“It is our determination and resolve that we are able to work on the budget and before Christmas we should be able to pass the budget provided it is in the national by September or first week of October.

“It is doable, it is achievable and we believe that Nigerian should return back to the January-December budget cycle – let our economy have predictable parameters. Our budget implementation is in chaos, is in tatters and I believe that together with the executive return it that which is predictable and good for business.”

He noted that there will be no budget defence after October and any Ministry, Department and Agency that fails to show up for its defence, the chamber will take on stance on its behalf.


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