Senate moves against political thuggery

OrderPaperToday – The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has stated that the National Electoral Offences Commission will curtail political thuggery, bribery, and undue influence over voters and other malpractices.

He revealed this while giving his remarks at the Public Hearing of a Bill for an Act to Establish the National Electoral Offences Commission (NEOC).

It is aimed at addressing issues that are related to electoral offences.

The President of the red chamber stated: “With this Bill, we will have better elections; and electoral offenders who carry out offences will not go unpunished. This would be a step forward in sanitizing our political environment.

“As you know, we are focusing our attention on the modernization of our electoral system, to make the process more accountable and insulated from political influence.

“With the passage of this Bill, political thuggery, bribery, undue influence over voters, bribery for votes and other malpractices will be better curtailed.

“We are determined to strengthen our electoral processes so that we can deliver credible, free and fair elections. I therefore urge you to make your submissions as a way of helping us along in this process.”


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