OrderPaperToday– The Senate on Tuesday reintroduced the Whistle Blower and Witness Protection bills.

The bills were passed in the 8th Senate on July 19, 2017 and 8th June, 2017 respectively.

Both bills were sent to the House of Representatives but failed at the committee stage.

The Whistle Blower bill passed in the previous Senate sought to encourage and facilitate disclosures of improper conduct by public officers and public bodies, as well as protection for the whistleblowers under the law.

The bill provided that a person who makes a disclosure shall not be subject to victimisation by his or her employers or by fellow employees.

The Witness Protection Bill, also passed by the 8th Assembly, sought to create and operate a programme that protects witnesses who provide vital information, evidence or render assistance to law enforcement agencies in certain investigations, enquiries or prosecutions.


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