OrderPaperToday – The Senate on Wednesday reviewed and passed two bills rejected by President Muhammadu Buhari.
They are Nigerian Correctional Service and Proceed of Crimes Bills.
In the letter Buhari sent that conveyed his decision to decline assent to Nigerian Correctional Service bill, it was based on Clauses 17(5) and 44(d) of the Bill.
In a presentation made by the Senate, Leader, Ahmad Lawan, he noted that a Technical Committee of the Senate had worked on President Buhari’s observations and re drafted the affected Clauses.
Relying on Orders 53(6) and 88(b) of the Senate Rule, the chamber rescinded its earlier decision on Clauses 17(5) and 44(d) of the Bill and referred the bill to the Committee of the Whole for consideration and was passed.
On the Proceed of Crimes bill, it was observed that some fundamental issues which require legislative action on clause 5 occasioned by the establishment of the Nigeria Financial Intelligent Unit (NFIU) which was not contemplated in the Bill.
Based on this, the chamber equally reworked Clauses 5 of the Bill and passed it in the Committee of the Whole.


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