OrderPaperToday– The Senate on Tuesday resolved to investigate the arrest of a social critic, Deji Adeyanju by the Police.

The matter was brought to the red chamber by his Representative, Senator Dino Melaye.

Adeyanju was arrested twice and released on bail for “organising protest in the defence of human rights and democracy.”

He was rearrested last Thursday reportedly on the orders of the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) over a matter that took place in Kano in 2000.

In his narration, Melaye said: “Mr. president this matter was decided by a competent court of law in the Kano division of the high court of justice. The court of justic A. M Haliru, the judgement has been given and Deji Adeyanju and two others have been discharged and acquitted.

“Mr President I have the judgement here that i will lay before the senate. We are in a democracy, where our rights should be allowed. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has given us freedom of expression, association, freedom of the press.

“A situation whereby a security agency of government will be used to gag individuals from expressing opinions or criticising the government of the day is not acceptable to me, to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and should not be acceptable to the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

He urged the chamber to stand in defence of Mr. Adeyanju.

“As I speak, yesterday conclusions have made to take him to Kano for a matter that has been decided in a competent court of law. Mr president we need to defend Deji Adeyanju and every Nigerian”, Melaye added.

The matter was referred to the Senate committees on Judiciary and Police Affairs.


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