OrderPaperToday – Senator Bukar Abba-Ibrahim has narrated how his people supported his call to run for governorship when he had only N20, 000.

Bukar who was a three time Governor of Yobe state recounted this experience on Saturday evening at the launch of his book, “Poorlitics”, to mark his 70th birthday in Abuja.

He said the people’s power made him to defeat his formidable opponents who were “well-resourced with money, thugs, branded vehicles and powerful national godfathers”.

He added: “When Ibrahim Babangida introduced politics in 1991, I was innocently supporting my friend to be governor of Borno, when suddenly we heard that Yobe had been created. Before I knew it, I was besieged by friends and ordinary people to run for the office of the governor.

“I had only N20,000 in my account, and I did not know how I could campaign with only N20,000, but immediately I announced my intention to run, the people took over.

“Friends appeared everywhere with money and their vehicles; the campaign offices suddenly appeared. Ordinary people joined, posters came from everywhere. The people ran that campaign.”

The incumbent Yobe Senator who has been in the red chamber since 2007 but would not be returning in 2019, urged young Nigerians to take over the country’s leadership in order to dislodge the current rule of money politics in the country.

Ibrahim, who announced his retirement from politics, urged Nigerian youths to rise up and take power the way he did to become governor for the first time at 42 years old.


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