OrderPaperToday – Following the increasing trend of theft of female underwear by individuals, popularly known as ‘Yahoo boys’ chasing ritual wealth, Chief Whip of the Senate, Olusola Adeyeye, has pledged to donate “hairs, urine and panties of my wife, all my children” for free.

He made this known in a chat personally signed by himself and sent to OrderPaperNG on Monday.

According to him, trending videos and audios talking about sanitary pads, panties, urine and hair being used for various rituals are “mere superstitions and arrant hogwash.”

He lamented that even “as the rest of the world shifts paradigms to embrace science and technology as the vehicles for economic development and societal progress, Africans stagnate their minds in ancient taboos and silly ignorance.”

He continued: “The Indians have moved from talisman; India is now a nuclear power with space programs. The Arabs have moved from amulets.

“Alas, very sadly, in a world now run by laser beams, computers cum fibre optics, trident submarines and particle accelerators, even educated Africans are preoccupied with cowries, lizard tails and alligator peppers for delusory and illusory metaphysical manipulations.”

To solve this ‘African’ problem, he said: “Anyone who needs hairs, urine and panties to make money should come to me. I will donate all my hairs, as much of my urine as the person wants, and all my old underwear.

“I will also donate hairs, urine and panties of my wife, all my children plus those from Kemi, Bayo and Seye. Kemi is my sister. Bayo and Seye are my brothers.

“These siblings of mine, along with my wife and children, have jettisoned what the Apostle Paul called “the spirit of bondage unto fear.” Rather, they have received the spirit of boldness, of a sound mind, and of adoption whereby we say ‘Abba, Father.’

“Let me repeat that all my hairs are available for anyone who needs them for rituals. I will in fact add my pubic hairs plus hairs from my armpits!”


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