OrderPaperToday – House of Representatives members from southern Kaduna State have called on the Federal and the Kaduna State government to take full responsibility for the killings and criminal attacks perpetrated by armed militias in their areas.
The lawmakers also posited that the violence can be halted when authorities adhere to and ensure adherence to the rule of law and the principles of supremacy of the law over all citizens and subjects in Nigeria, equality of all citizens and subjects before the law.”
They also blamed failure to investigate, arrest and prosecute the perpetrators has continued to embolden the attackers.

Speaking on behalf of the group at a press briefing  in the National Assembly on Wednesday, Mr. Lucas Gwani (PDP, Kaduna) condemned the “persistent, inhuman killings and kidnappings of the people of Southern Kaduna region.”

Noting that the violent actions are “unconstitutional, criminal, inhuman and highly condemnable,” the lawmakers however urged “all hands to be on deck to checkmate this ugly scourge within the ambit of the rule of law” while commiserating with those who have lost their loved ones and properties as a result of the attacks.
While further noting that the laws of the country guarantees right to life, Mr. Gwani said the “extra-judicial killings on any ground whatsoever is not just abominable, it is evil, unconstitutional, inhuman and a heinous crime. The Killings of the people of Southern Kaduna or anybody at all in Nigeria is highly condemnable and must be brought to an end.
“The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999(as amended) is premised on the principles of freedom, equality and justice and Section 14(2)(b) provides that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government and Section 17(2)(b) provides that in furtherance of the social order, the sanctity and dignity of the human person shall be protected and preserved by government.
“Section 17(3)(c) guarantees the health, safety and welfare of all persons. Thus, the primary objective of any government in Nigeria is to preserve the life and property of its citizenry, no matter their ethnic, religious or ideological differences. The inability of any government to secure the lives and property of its citizens or ensure their welfare implies failure of government.
“It is no longer news, that the people of Southern Kaduna, have become preys in their fatherland, they have consistently been invaded, slaughtered in cold blood, raped, killed and their properties destroyed and pillaged in public glare with little success in investigating and apprehending the perpetrators of the said attacks.”


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