OrderPaperToday – Following the ugly clash between Shiites movement and the Nigeria Police which left some dead, several injured and properties destroyed, a stray bullet was discovered to have shattered a rear screen of a parked car at the National Assembly Car Park.
It was also discovered that so many people were injured as a result of stray bullets.
A Corps Member attached to Channels Television, Precious Owolabi, lost his life as a result of a stray bullet which hit him.
A stray bullet was also said to have pierced through Lagos House located at the Central Business District beside the Federal Ministry of Finance.
One of the security personnel attached to the National Assembly showed OrderPaper Nigeria the vehicle that was hit by the stray bullet.
Speaking to us on the issue, he said: “We were all here in the car park carrying out our duty of prospecting properties and persons within NASS (National Assembly) when we heard a sound around this car area (pointing at the car) when we got closer, we discovered it was a bullet. As we tried to question ourselves where the bullet came from, then some persons started to say it came as a result of sporadic shooting between the Shiites and Security operatives.”


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