OrderPaperToday – An Information Communications Technology (ICT) expert, Mr. valentine Chahul has highlighted the benefits of deploying mobile application as a way of bringing sanity to the scheme of constituency projects by lawmakers in Nigeria.

Mr. Chahul said the deployment of an app with real-time features is a new innovation that can bring about transparency, accountability and inclusiveness in the scheme.

He spoke on Thursday during interactive stakeholders round table on constituency projects organized by OrderPaper Nigeria in Abuja.

Chahul described the innovation as “a beautiful way of harnessing technology to solve problems,” adding that “someone on ground in Benue, with the use of location feature of the App, the data taken would be time stamped with the location; with an App like this, communities will be involved in every aspects of constituency projects.

“This project is not just at the idea stage, this type of round table forum is also a critical part of the process, and that is why we value the role of OrderPaper Nigeria.”

On the challenges of accessibility and simplifying the App so that the citizens could easily use it, Mr. Chachul stated: “On the internet access there should be a way to extend it to phones without internet connectivity, this can be achieved by special programming, using key words and dialing key words and short codes.”

The representative of Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), Ugogboko Ikenna in his contribution at the roundtable, admitted the incapacity of government agencies to carry out effective monitoring, saying “we focus on the books  and not the physical sites.”

He however added that “there is a need to link the ConsTrack App to the annual budget.”

The Executive Director of OrderPaper Nigeria, Mr. Oke Epia clarified that the idea of the app is not to put lawmakers in untoward spotlight or demonize them but rather to provide a platform to separate “facts from fictions,” adding that “we must keep an open mind.”


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