OrderPaperToday – 107 Senators have canvassed for increased funding of p

+rimary healthcare centers across the country.

This was followed by a motion moved by Senator Oluremi Tinubu (APC, Lagos) and co-sponsored by 106 senators on Thursday during plenary.

In her motion, Tinubu expressed concerns that a lot of the problems in Nigeria’s Health sector can be traced to low performance of Primary Health Care facilities noting that in a journal published by Frontiers in Public Health, only about 20% of the 30,000 of the centres are working “with most of them lacking capacity to provide essential health services.”

She stated that according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Primary Health Care will meet 80 to 90% of a person’s health needs over the course of their life.

But the performance of the Primary Health Care is hampered by lack of financial resources, infrastructure deficit, insufficiency/lack of drugs, equipment and vaccines etc;

Tinubu informed that the average Nigerian is one illness/tragedy away from poverty which is evident in the upsurge of pleas for crowd funding via social media, to enable access to healthcare facilities.

Other prayers taken by the chamber urge the Ministry of Health to create awareness on the benefits of Health and Life insurance and ensure that government backed Health Insurance Scheme is accessible.

And that the ministry of health at Federal and State levels should encourage medical technological innovation in Primary Health Facilities.

The chamber also directed the Ministry of Employment to put in place policies to ensure that every employer of labour has Health Insurance package for employees.


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