OrderPaperToday – The election of the Speaker of the 9th House of Representatives almost descended into chaos as an alleged vote buying scheme almost crippled the process.

The Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Mohammed Sani-Omolori, had earlier declared that the voting will be open secrete ballot, same procedure adopted in the Senate hours before.

However, some members-elect of the House could been seen showing their votes to some colleagues seated.

The showing tended to correlate with speculation earlier in the day that the camp of a leading contender in the race for speaker had perfected a vote-buying scheme.

The conduct on the floor led to protest among some members, who termed the moved as vote buying maneuver.

Defusing the embarrassing situation, Omolori cautioned the members, saying that the management will only guarantee right of members to privacy but that whatever anyone does with his or her privacy is not the business of the presiding officer for the election.


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