OrderPaperToday – Chairman, House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs, Buba Yakub has reiterated the call on other nations of the world to join Nigeria and raise their voice against xenophobic attack by South Africans.
Yakub made the call on Wednesday in Abuja while addressing newsmen over the lingering attacks of foreigners in South Africa.
He said the barbaric attacks have become one too many in recent years starting from the tenure of the former South African President, Jacob Zuma, therefore its stands condemnable by all men and countries of goodwill.
The Yakub led House Committee reiterated its call on other nations of the world to join Nigeria and raise their voice against the xenophobic attack by South Africa.
According to Mr. Yakub, unverified statistics has put the number of Nigerians killed in the last three years in the Republic of South Africa at an unacceptable figure.
“It is our position that no Nigerian soul should again be lost in that country in the manner that we have witnessed in the last three years. There is no form of jungle justice for any crime or perceived wrong that is currently acceptable any where in the entire globe. Much as we once in a while have cases of a few Nigerians who are found on the wrong side of the law, it can never be taken as an excuse to begin a sudden onslaught against other law-abiding ones and their property. Against any one unlawful Nigerian anywhere in the world, realities have shown that there are thousands of other hard working ones who are genuine in what they are doing and have contributed to the development of the people and the economies of places in which they have found themselves”.
He said the situation in South Africa is closely been monitored by the Nigerian authorities at home and in South Africa.
The lawmaker said as a committee of the House, they have also followed the feelings and concerns of many Nigerians on the issue of the ongoing attacks against Nigerians in South Africa adding that whatever they have done or are doing with regards to the matter is with the total knowledge and express support of the leadership of the House led by Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila.
The committee to this end expressed sympathies to all Nigerians who have lost loved ones or property in the xenophobic attack by South Africa.


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